What are the main performances of Nickel-based Alloy?

Nickel-based alloys have high strength and relatively comprehensive resistance to oxidation and corrosion at 650~1000℃.

According to performance, nickel-based alloys are divided into heat-resistant alloys, corrosion-resistant alloys, wear-resistant alloys, precision alloys and shape memory alloys.

What are the main properties of nickel-based alloys?

1. High temperature resistant alloy

The heat-resistant alloy has high strength at 650~1000℃, good oxidation resistance and good gas corrosion resistance.

For these reasons, heat-resistant alloys are commonly used in the manufacture of aircraft engine blades, but also in high-temperature components in rocket engines, nuclear reactors, and energy conversion equipment.

2. Corrosion resistant alloy

Corrosion-resistant alloys whose main alloying elements are cobalt, chromium, and molybdenum have good comprehensive properties, such as good acid resistance and good stress corrosion resistance. They are mainly used for parts manufacturing and power in various corrosion-resistant environments such as petroleum and chemical industries.

Special materials: Monel alloy, nickel-chromium alloy, Hastelloy B&C, nickel alloy.

3. Wear-resistant alloy

The wear-resistant alloy has good wear resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and weldability, and can be used for parts manufacturing and coating materials.

4. Precision alloy

Precision alloys are divided into soft magnetic alloys, precision resistance alloys and heat-resistant alloys.

Permalloy is the most commonly used precision alloy. Due to its high permeability, initial permeability and low coercivity, it is an important core material in the electronics industry.

With high resistivity, allowable temperature coefficient and good corrosion resistance, precision resistance alloys can be used in the production of resistors.

The heat-resistant alloy has good anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties, and can be used for a long time at 1000~1100℃.

5. Shape memory alloy

The shape memory alloy has a good shape memory effect. By heating, it can eliminate the deformation caused by low temperature and restore its original shape.

Therefore, shape memory alloys are widely used as self-expanding structural components for spacecraft, self-excited fasteners in the aerospace industry, and artificial heart motors in biomedicine.