What is the market trend in nickel-based alloy industry?

In recent years, along with the good running of macroeconomic environment and development situation of industry in China, various industries are subjected to varying degrees, and nickel-based alloy is no exception.

What is the market trend in nickel-based alloy industry?

Through introducing high-level equipments and technologies, many enterprises develop rapidly and have driven the progress of nickel-based alloy industry.

Price is the major consideration when nickel-based alloy enterprises formulate strategic planning, mainly because the degree of industry concentration is more and more intensive and market competition is becoming more drastic.

But in the future, Some factors such as rising labor costs and industry cluster development will ultimately lead to an upward tendency continuously in price of nickel-based alloy.

At present, there are two modes the marketing channel of nickel-based alloy in China:

1) From manufacturer to the distributor, onto the consumers;

2) From manufacturer to the agency, onto the distributor, finally to the consumers.

In the future, nickel-based alloy industry will move towards the whole industry chain development model of integration.

With the improvement of science and technology, consumers put forward ever-higher level requirement on industry products. nickel-based alloy enterprises should improve the service quality and meet the customers ‘ requirements to win market recognition.